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Event: LIVE Holiday Music Performances

Date: Various

Nov. 29 Fri. 1-2:30pm Dickens Carolers

Nov. 30 Sat. 12:30 Piano and 1-2:30pm Dickens Carolers

Dec. 1 Sun. 1:00pm A Total Fiasco band

Dec. 3 Tue. 12:30 Piano

Dec. 4 Wed. 12-1pm Holiday Harmony

Dec. 5 Thur. 1-2pm Holiday Harmony

Dec. 6 Fri. 12:30-1pm Piano

Dec. 7 Sat. 4pm Piano and 12:00pm Harp Ensemble

Dec. 8 Sun. 2-3:30pm Dickens Carolers

Dec. 9 Mon. Noon Harp solo

Dec. 10 Tue. 12:30 Piano

Dec. 11 Wed. 5pm Song of Seattle

Dec. 12 Thur. 12:30 Holiday Piano

Dec. 13 Fri. 1-2pm Holiday Harmony and 10:30am Puget Sound Adventis Academy

Dec. 14 Sat. 12:30 Piano and 3:00 Holiday Piano

Dec. 15 Sun. 4-5pm Holiday Harmony

Dec. 16 Mon. 1:30-3pm Dickens Carolers

Dec. 17 Tue. 12:30 Piano

Dec. 18 Wed. 4pm Harp Solo

Dec. 19 Thur. 3pm Touchstone Quartet

Dec. 20 Fri. 4pm Chip Erickson

Dec. 21 Sat. 12:30 Piano and 3:00 Piano Holiday

Dec. 22 Sun. 1pm Harp solo

Dec. 23 Mon. 1-2pm Holiday Trio

Dec. 24 Tue. 1:30-3pm Dickens Carolers

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